cPanel Log Rotation Configuration

Files from /usr/local/cpanel/logs selected below will be rotated based upon their size. The rotated files will be compressed and stored in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/archive/. The files are named to include the month in which they are rotated. Consequently, the file names do not relate in any way to the content of the file being rotated. Files are only rotated when they grow larger than the Log Rotation Size Threshold setting or the default of 300MB. The archived log files are left in place indefinitely. Files not chosen here will not ever be rotated by cPanel software.

access_log (in rotation)
api_tokens_log (in rotation)
build_locale_databases_log (in rotation)
cpdavd_error_log (in rotation)
cpdavd_session_log (in rotation)
cphulkd.log (in rotation)
cphulkd_errors.log (in rotation)
cpwrapd_log (in rotation)
dnsadmin_log (in rotation)
error_log (in rotation)
incoming_http_requests.log (in rotation)
license_log (in rotation)
login_log (in rotation)
queueprocd.log (in rotation)
session_log (in rotation)
spamd_error_log (in rotation)
splitlogs_log (in rotation)
stats_log (in rotation)
tailwatchd_log (in rotation)