Update Preferences

You can use this interface to choose when and how the system updates your server. For more information, read our documentation about release tiers and updates.

cPanel & WHM Version
Installed Version:
About Development Releases: Odd-numbered builds are development builds. Don’t install them in a production environment. They change often and we may not have fully tested or documented them yet.
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Update From:
Warning: The server is configured to receive updates from the beta network.
Current Tier:

Release Tier

Select the release tier to use for updating cPanel & WHM. You can’t downgrade or select tiers that are older than the currently-installed version.

Tier Currently Description
You configured the server to update to a specific cPanel & WHM version or build. We strongly recommend selecting a named release tier.
A well-tested and proven version that cPanel, L.L.C. supports for one full year.
A version that is feature-complete, fully tested, and is in widespread use.
A version that is feature-complete and well tested.
A “release candidate” version that is tested but may not be feature-complete.
A development version for testing only and not for production servers.

Staging Directory

The staging directory stores update data before the system applies it. Make sure to select a directory with enough disk space.
Enter a directory path or select a partition from available partitions. This value defaults to the /usr/local/cpanel directory.
Staging Directory Mount Point Size Used Available Percent Used Device
/usr/local/cpanel / 49.99 GB 8.34 GB 41.65 GB 17% /