Service Manager

This server uses 1 linked node. To adjust a linked node’s configuration you must log in to that node directly. This interface will only affect the local server’s configuration. Use the “Link Server Nodes” interface to manage this server’s linked nodes.

Enabled   TailWatch Drivers:
Responsible for notifying iOS devices when new mail arrives.
Responsible for checking, monitoring and restarting services.
Responsible for maintaining email bandwidth logs, limiting email usage, and populating data for the Mail Delivery Reports system.
Manages Jails used for the “EXPERIMENTAL: Jail Apache Virtual Hosts using mod_ruid2 and cPanel® jailshell”. This option is managed by “Tweak Settings”, and should be enabled or disabled there.
This driver monitors the mail log for problems with mail services.
Parses the ModSecurity audit log and stores the events in the modsec database for later viewing or analysis.
This driver keeps track of the IP addresses of recently authenticated IMAP and POP3 session. This allows users with logins on the system to bypass delays and greylisting checks.
Responsible for generating the bandwidth logs for IMAP and POP3 mail services.

Deselect a service to disable it.
Enabled Monitor Service Information
Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) Plugin
The Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin. Disabling this plugin does not uninstall it. You can uninstall this plugin from the Manage Plugins interface.
PHP-FPM service for cPanel Daemons
cPanel DAV Daemon
cPanel Greylisting Daemon
cPHulk Daemon
cPHulk Brute Force Protection
Cron Daemon
cPanel DNS Admin Cache
cPanel DNS Admin Cache Service
Exim Mail Server
SMTP Server
Exim Mail Server (on another port)
Allow exim to listen on a port other than 25, 465, and 587.
Useful for providers that block port 25 (multiple comma-delimited ports may be added).
Apache Web Server
Web Server
IMAP Server
Dovecot IMAP Server
IP Aliases
LMTP Server
Dovecot LMTP Server
Mailing List Manager
MySQL Server
MySQL Database Server
DNS Server
Name Service Cache Daemon
Passive OS Fingerprinting Daemon
POP3 Server
Dovecot POP3 Server
PostgreSQL Server
PostgreSQL Database Server
Apache SpamAssassin™
SpamAssassin Server (if you choose to disable this, you should disable SpamAssassin in the Tweak Settings interface as well)
SSH Daemon
Secure Shell Daemon
rsyslog System Logger Daemon
Enhanced System Logger Daemon